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Friday, April 22, 2005

Zimpter and Wanda Sykes

Just saw Wanda Sykes and had a really great conversation with her.

Here is a dramatic reenactment of the conversation as performed by the * and $. (The * is me and the $ is Wanda)

The scene takes place in a busy Ralph's Grocery store in the Sherman Oaks Studio City region of the San Fernando Valley.

*: (Reaching to remove a plastic bag from the roll of bags in the veggie aisle) Excuse me. Sorry about that (reaching over her shoulder a bit).

$: Oh you're okay.

That was it. Wanda is a really nice person. A giving and caring yet quiet woman who needs her space. As a friend, I gave it to her. I am sure we will be hanging out again soon. I will keep everyone posted when this happens.



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