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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Zimpter Fiforg ...Greetings from Hollywood

As I am new to this blog I thought I should introduce myself. I am Zimpter Fiforg, former haberdasher to the stars. I gave up that career path after a nasty run in with Ed McMahon. I am now currently working as an agent at WMA, not the William Morris Agency. The WMA I work for is the lesser known (but far superior in my opinion) Wilton Morton Agency. I have developed quite a little niche placing fat/tubby actors in a variety of high profile roles (Jorge Garcia, Hurley on Lost, anyone!).

Hollywood, California, it's a strange little town I like to call home. I don't actually live in Hollywood, I live in Encino but I really like calling Hollywood home. So that's what I do. As for hobbies I enjoy spelunking, writing fan fiction for various Family Matters (the hit TV show from the 90's starring Jaleel White) and making falafels.


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