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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Children Around the World Rejoice! Pajamawaffle is Back!!

As you might imagine, I receive a lot of mail from children around the world asking about my well-known children's books. As you might also guess, most of the letters and emails inquire about when I might resume my hugely-successful "Mr. Pajamawaffle" series. Well, I'm excited to announce that Pajamawaffle and his talking dog, Flapjack, are set to return in late spring 2007 in an exciting new mysterious and magical adventure. The title and plot are under tight wraps so all of my young fans will have to wait just a little longer. One little sneak peek I will reveal...the silly Turkish arms and opium dealer "Kerdogan" and his jet-pack flying penguin lieutenants do make a comic appearance. Rest assured that I think we'll be giving that young boy wizard and his friends a run for their money.

I would like to also seriously address the issue of my name. As I mentioned to Larry King last week- not on his television show, but in an airport restroom when he "accidentally" crashed my stall - Linus Coconut is my actual name. It is a proud family name - originating from the West Indies, and one I wear as a badge of honour. My father, Charles B. Coconut, and my mother Lucy (maiden name Van Pelt) raised me to always be truthful, so it goes against my very being to even consider writing under a pseudonym. None of my favorite writers, Samuel Langhorne Clemens or Theodor Geisel, ever did it and neither will I. The very thought offends me to my milky white core.

Until next time, yours truly
Linus Anderson Condoleeza Cooper Rice Coconut...the first


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