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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Million Dollar Baby night

OK, I had a much longer post here but our lousy wireless network ate it. I'd like to thank the trolydytes at Microsoft,Linksys, Toshiba, and Blogger (who always seem to pick this time of night to do maintenance...I work in technology, wait for midnight you lasy blighters) for that.

Million Dollar Baby was the big winner. A bit of a surprise there. Scorcese is probably calling in a few hits right now (just kidding Mr. Scorcese).

Rock settled down after an opening monologue that lasted, by my calculations, 47 minutes. OK, it only felt that long. Still, let no one complain about my mate David Letterman or I will tie them up and make them listen to Rock's monologue repeatedly until they beg for death, which should mean that I won't have to hear the entire thing again in its entirety myself.

Normal blogging resumes tomorrow. These posts may be edited to make them more surreal, if such a thing is possible, given the subject matter.



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