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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I laugh sometimes just thinking of them...

Word reaches us via the news media that British people are suffering a humour (humor) failure. It seems odd to me that a country that brought us Monty Python, Benny Hill, and marmite is suffering a "humour failure". Now, a failure of good sense, a failure of culture (at least in the last ten years), or a failure of good television programming I can understand but not a failure of humor. With all of the tea and chocolate these people eat they should be in a constant state of giddiness. I love the British and we here at DOUI will do everything in our collective power to return them to a good humor. In order to get started I have devised a collection of British related material which should have them rushing into the streets with howls of laughter.

The DOUI British Re-humorization Project

First some food words to warm you up:

Bangers and mash



Spotted Dick



Cornish pasty

You should now be feeling a strange sensation we know as laughter, please observe the following set of photos to increase the sensation and enjoy your newfound humour.


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