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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Rejected Names for This Blog

While waiting for my colleagues to join us, I have decided to share with you the top rejected names for the blog. I hope that you will find them all far more atrocious than the one we decided on. If not, and you decide to use one yourself, please remember copyright law applies to Blogger (according to the enormous Use policy that no one else reads) and that we will happily accept money orders and wire transfers sent to our actual names.

Anyway, here are just some of the names we rejected (and some reasons why):

Bloggin’ Pink Lumberjacks (for obvious reasons)
Tutti Frutti Blogante (fear of Univision's legal team)
Hadley Hasbro’s Habenero Highball (too alliterative, and also too spicy)
Not Your Mothers Blog (We didn't want upset Mother...haven't you seen Psycho?)
The Disciples of Paul Bacon (Maybe in his dreams...)
Blogapalooza (probably taken)
Commedia dell Arte It Ain’t (Can you really tell the difference?)
Evidently Disturbed (too obvious)
Square Pegs in Round Holes (Droll yes, but not a real philosophy)
Mendicants R Us (Some of you are racing over to Dictionary.com right now to see what the word "R" means!)
The Travelling Willburys (It's been done)
Bloggin Our Brains Out (Fear that depressed Lemony Snicket fans who navigated here by mistake would misunderstand and commit suicide in droves)
Kermit the Blog (Fear of the Children's Television Workshop's legal team)
Blincoln Blogs (Fear of Hasbro [or whoever makes the real toy]'s legal team)
Nougat Love (We don't even want to go there)
Where's my Sasquatch? (Even we can't handle the web traffic a Bigfoot website would bring)
Oprahoma! (Fear of Ms Winfrey's legal team - she can hire the best)
Bilbo Bloggins (Fear of tiny people with extremely hairy feet and pointed ears. Let's face it , they're like tiny, testosterone enhanced Vulcans)
JK Rowling Reveals How the Harry Potter Series Will End At Last!!! (It's a massive audience. It was tempting. Ms. Rowling though can afford even better lawyers than Oprah.)
Zimpter Fiforg's Challenge to the Man! (A close second)
The Tony Dow Memorial Ad Agency (Fear of Tony Dow's legal team. Especially since we found out he wasn't killed in Vietnam or by drinking soda with Pop Rocks in it.)
Cranston's Book of Poorly Written Limericks (Fear of Alan Cranston's legal team)
The Bus Driver Ate My Money (Isn't that the name of Marion Barry's blog?)
The Scrumtrilescent Seven (Too something... I'm looking it up right now.)
Triple Bypass Surgery Productions (Too corporate)


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