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Monday, February 28, 2005

Attack of the Divas

Just read Stew's post and have the following to say...

"the riffing these awards truly deserve"...? What, no "marvelous job Earl!" or "I only hope the rest of us can match the insanely high standards you've set for us!"? I work and work and slave and slave and what does it get me? Zimpter Fiforg won't even return my calls, not even collect. Chico y Jose referred to me as a "fishmonger" the other day! Juan Carlos Vega said that, "I am the thing that is not what is possibly awful in comparison to other not so bad things." (Although upon reflection, that may have been a spectacular compliment.)

I want some recognition! I want to walk the red carpet of the Internet and preen for the desktop cameras (Not those cameras Hefner)! I want whining, toady celebrity reporters to fawn over my every e-mail and post, virtually licking the boots of the seediest members of my entourage! I want respect, fortune, and the cover of Time or at least a backstory in Weekly World News!

That of course was my well-known impression of Jennifer "J-Lo" Lopez, (AKA Jennifer "Diva-ranged" Lopez), were she the administrator of a blog that had just been completely ignored for a much glitzier, yet essentially vapid blog administrated by Beyonce and mirrored on two other sites.

Thank you, thank you...I'll be here all week.

Blimey, I'll be "here" as long as there's a "here".


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