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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Live Blog of the Oscars

Just a reminder for those 10 people reading today, that in-between helping Juan Carlos Vega write the "Great American Novel", Stew and I, and possibly some others, are planning the DOUI First Annual Live Blog of the Oscars (or DOUIFALBO, pronounced "Oprah").

So, we'll be watching with the rest of you and posting on this site as the evening progresses. Which reminds me Stew, I've got 30 seconds in the "How long will it take Chris Rock to say something the censors don't like" pool. I realize I'm being optimistic. 30 seconds is a long time.

Put me down for 90 seconds in the "Chris Rock F-Bomb" pool. I expect him to show some self-control.

BTW - This is our hundredth post (Cue canned applause).


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