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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Up Yours Al Queda!

London was hit today, but the city's still standing. The British stiff upper lip is still stiff, if a bit bloodied. The evil bastards who did this will pay. The ones who foolishly blew themselves up are all ready paying, in God's just hands. After being stupid enough to strap explosives to their bodies, and cruel and wicked enough to set them off in crowds of rush hour civilians, imagine their surprise at discovering that instead of a harem full of comely young maidens, their reward for their effort was the business end of a flaming pitchfork. Right now Guantanamo Bay must seem like paradise to these unfortunate, dismembered cretins.

Their masters Al Queda are the Nazis of our age, just as evil and just as stupid, only with crackpot distortions of Islam instead of the goosestepping and Charlie Chaplin mustaches. Somehow they think they can master the world when they can't even master basic television production techniques. Have you seen their videos? Osama Bin Laden, or as we like to call him at DOUI "Osucka Big Long'un", gets out of whatever veils he's wearing to disguise himself to sit in front of a camera in front of a rock somewhere in the Cave of the Day. He then mumbles in a low monotone for twenty straight minutes, only interrupting the various heresies and political vagaries to mutter murderous threats against anyone not in his coterie of serial sadists. It's like a public access program for psychopaths.

In fact the only thing al Queda seem to be good at is killing innocent people. The only thing they're better at than that is getting themselves killed, as we'll continue to see in the coming months.

What happened today was just another example of who the terrorists are, their contempt for human life, and for the laws of God and man. They will lose, but sadly, like their master the devil, they will take as many with them as possible.

As Stew mentioned, our prayers are with the victims and their families. Families have been shattered, futures destroyed, lives and bodies shattered. God bless, comfort, and keep them, and bring those responsible for their suffering to swift and decisive justice.


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