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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Land of a Thousand Cesspools?

I'm going to take Stew up on his challenge and offer a few suggestions of my own. (Not the title of the post - For those New Jerseyites who were offended by that, especially gun-wielding New Jerseyites with membership in Italian social organizations not the Knights of Colombus - it was merely a joke. Promise!)

Even More New Tourism Slogans for N.J.

10. New Jersey - Not your mother's state!

9. New Jersey - Land filled with landfills!

8. New Jersey - Mind the dead cats.

7. New Jersey - Joey Buttafuco doesn't live here!

6. New Jersey - So proud, we named the state university "Rutgers"!

5. New Jersey - Gateway to Delaware!

4. New Jersey - The glow in the dark state!

3. New Jersey - Pavement to the Atlantic Ocean!

2. New Jersey - The other 49 states can go to hell!

1. New Jersey - We got Hoffa... somewhere!


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