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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Smell the clean air...do it quickly. Welcome to New Jersey.

New Jersey is looking for a new a new tourism slogan because Governor Codey does not like the current slogan: "New Jersey: Eh!". I'm sorry that was mean of me, the actual slogan is "New Jersey, We'll win you over." As a quick aside, sometimes I just love getting up in the morning and hearing something like this on the radio. Now, since I love the Soprano's so much, although I've never seen it, I feel duty bound to help out Mr. Codey and the people of the great state of New Jersey, or Joysey as we know and love it. My fellow DOUI comrades can feel free to jump in and give it a go because, hey, this could be fun.

Top Ten New Tourism Slogans for N.J.

10. New Jersey: "The air only stings 3 days a week now!"

9. New Jersey: "New York's Dangler!!!"

8. New Jersey: "Hey!!! Free flu shots!!!"

7. New Jersey: "The chemical burns are worth it."

6. New Jersey: "(Don't) Fugitaboutit!!!!"

5. New Jersey: "Come for the smell, stay for the free masks."

4. New Jersey: "Give us friggin' break."

3. New Jersey: "Gateway to mediocrity."

2. New Jersey: "The indictments are still pending."

1. New Jersey: "You gotta admit it, the stench isn't too bad."


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