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Monday, March 27, 2006

Where, oh where has our little Stew gone?

I warned Stew that he should have stretched properly before doing the Live Oscar Blog. Now, he's vanished from blogdom to heaven knows where. Actually, I got an e-mail from him indicating he's in ISO hell this week. That's no excuse, lad. Dial up. Vent a bit, just as I did about Subway (Still haven't eaten there since Wednesday...join the boycott!)

In the meantime I shall endeavor to carry on until Mr. Miller comes up for air, or paper clips, or whatever else is needed for ISO circle 7 or whatever Dante called it. I spoke to Zimpter this weekend as well and he has vowed to add to his 2 posts over the last year, if he can only remember his password to Blogger.

Juan Carlos Vega remains missing, presumed deported.


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