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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Don't bet on it!!!

Earl has already weighed in on the NCAA Tourney below (and that has nothing to do with your 41 year old waistline) and now it's my turn. Yes, I have my bracket prepared and I'm ready for a little illegal wagering. Let the games begin and let the eventual champion Iona Gaels grasp the golden ring of victory.

Speaking of illegal wagering, or legal if you're in Vegas or electronically hooked into some outfit in Trinidad, I heard one of those advertisements for a certain on-line gaming site that is endorsed by a famous ex-wrestler and governor from the Midwest. The blowhard was hawking the fact that you can bet on the NCAA Tournament online and get "100% in free sign-up bonuses". What's that you ask, I said "100% in FREE SIGN-UP BONUSES"!!!!!!!!!!!

What does it mean to you? I really don't know but he says it with such aplomb that it must be pretty darned important. As I was listening to it my mind wandered to another possible salesman sitting in the statehouse of a certain western locale.

60 second spot for Bet U(As)S.com

In the thickest possible Ahnold accent

"This is Governor Ahnold Swartzeneggar of Call-ee-fornia for Bet U(As)S. com. If you are like Maria and me you love to bet you money on the gambling. Whether it is blackjack, basketball, horses, basketball, pinochle, NCAA March Madness, or basketball you would be a fool to bet your money anywhere but on Bet U(As)s.com. It is only on the Bet U(As)s.com that you will receive the 100% in sign-up bonuses. Do you hear what I am saying to you, 100% in FREE SIGN-UP BONUSES. You would have to be Cruz Bustamante's cabana boy not to understand what it is that I am saying to you. If you do not feel like wasting you money on Powerball Lottery tickets I must implore you to use Bet U(As)s. com today. Now excuse me while I place a large wager and try to reduce the state deficit with 100% in free sign-up bonuses."

Enjoy the tournament.


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