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Thursday, November 09, 2006

2nd Annual Halloween Spectacular (or Spectacle, Whatever)

Earl was wondering if I'd show up with another Halloween costume showcase. Fear not my friend, for I come to bring you mirth and good-hearted ribbing of celebrities. I culled a few costume sights to find fodder for my shenanigans and learned a thing or two about costumes these days. The first thing I learned is... RUN AWAY, you parents who love your children, run to the farthest mountains and flee this society that is going to hell in a handbasket. Secondly, I learned that you can't stuff a 280 lb. woman into a costume called Serving Wench 2.

I may follow this post up in a few days with other costumes because I'm having to do this after a night of trying to navigate a two and five year old around our neighborhood, then attempt to put their sugar-addled selves to bed. Let's hope the scotch takes effect quickly.

Without further ado... we are proud (some of us anyhow) to present:

Halloween Costumes 2006

Here is the little anticipated actual post.

Pauley Shore's career needs a boost. Again.

Ned and his best gal headed to the swimmin' hole.
Don't ask for an explanation.

Don't let this guy fool you into seeing the Oscar Mayer "weiner".

Ervis Plesley

There will be NO Steve Irwin jokes. Who
do you think we are, South Park?

Kids love it when the parents "go cheap".

Nothing says Halloween like a lame joke.

Look who got the short straw. Happy Halloween Haji!!!!

Mark Foley got in on the Halloween festivities this year.

Sorry, we forgot to tell you that
those 72 virgins were male.


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