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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Just in Case You're Wondering...

...Part of the reason I'm writing this novel is to have a ready-made excuse not to follow the U.S. elections too closely. I voted, of course, having a deep sense of civic duty and responsibility (unlike some I could mention), and I will check in on the results later. Quite frankly though, the idea of watching middle-aged men and women congratulating themselves over how well they managed to shake people's hands and convince voters that they weren't radicals or preening, self-satisfied, arrogant, cynics only interested in political power and money, while perfect fodder for this blog, is a little too much for my stomach, even only once every two years.

So, I continue to write. No, this isn't part of the novel.

Favourite race, based just on the names: "Judy Baar Topinka vs. Rod Blagojevich."

I've always found the name "Rod" quite silly. Also, does anyone know if Judy Baar is related to Huggy Bear?


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