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Monday, October 30, 2006


It's Halloween, tomorrow. Normally this would mean that Stew would be posting his annual compendum of crazy costumes. You know the sort of thing...The unfortunate male version of the Catwoman suit, a cavewoman outfit that makes Raquel Welch in 1,000,000 Years B.C. look like she's wearing a nun's habit, an Abe Lincoln suit with a leather jacket that says "Honest Abe's Angels," A Fruit Loop costume consisting of one really large, yellow tyre (the orange one is an Apple Jack costume)... that sort of thing.

Then Jorge would regale us with tales of the Mexican Day of the Dead, the holiday not some south-of-the-border George Romero knock off film. Of course, I'm pretty sure Jorge is not Mexican, so his tale would be suspect, but in an entertaining and completely non-offensive way, I'm certain. Almost. Good thing he's in jail then, eh? Porridge, as some of us say.

I am curious as to what kinds of Halloween tales Nuffy and Linus would come up with. Perhaps the Five Times Better costume awards and some kind of super genius tricks, respectively.

Zimpter? I'm not even sure he was some dream we had a year ago...

Blogger? I've been tricked enough not beig able to post pics. At least Stew is in their good graces.

Slow, agonizing times here at DOUI. Faithful readers, hang in there. After all, National Novel Writing Month is coming! That might just be entertaining... if I actually give in and do it.

Happy Halloween! Remember to check your candy before you eat it.


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