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Friday, October 13, 2006

It's Friday the 13th!!!

Which is actually a day where things tend to go right for me. Not being a superstitious type, I don't go in for rabbit's feet, throwing salt over my shoulder (that's good salt wasted... put it on those crisps), or constantly walking in small circles and muttering the best lines from Raising Arizona to myself, doing all the voices. I should point out that Stew does this last bit, but not for superstitious reasons.

No, I am obsessive, which means I check the car door locks about two dozen times during a one hour trip, or 7 times during a trip to the off-license. That's completely different.

I was amongst some theater people the other day when one of that lot exclaimed, "...and do not utter the title of that Scottish play!" Now, besides the fact that it is an English play about the Scots, which is always going to cause some consternation among the Scots, it is a very silly superstition from a community that has absolutely no compunctions whatsoever about encouraging performers to "break a leg." Ancient Scottish king? Never, never, never (insert George H. W. Bush loop as done by Dana Carvey here)!!! Compound tibial fracture? By all means!!!!

Anyway, here's your chance to get on the blog, if indeed anyone is reading this. What's your favourite superstition? What strange and peculiar (but not unnatural, please) practice do you engage in out of fear or even habit.

E-mail them to my address link to the left or snail mail to:

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...just for our amusement. Happy Friday the 13th!!! Watch out for the bloke in the ice hockey mask!!!!


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