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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Nessie's on the prowl

An amateur scientist has captured footage of the mysterious aquatic creature in Loch Ness, that some observers are are calling among the best ever taken.

The footage can be observed here, after an annoying advert.

On closer observation, you will notice that it appears to be a large, dark, very, very indistinct whatchamacallit. It could be a Plesiosaur. It could be a giant eel. It could be a very long log. It could be a very tall, very svelte Aquaman in a black wetsuit.* If this is the best British amateur science research can do, then Nessie will be safe for a thousand years.

Gordon Holmes is the 55-year old Yorkshire lab researcher who took the footage and, if I may Gordon, allow me to say that you could really use a good steadicam...and a zoom lens.

Also, skip the whiskey course at dinner before venturing out on the Loch.

* Or Prince Namor. We don't want to cheese off the people at Marvel or we'll never get invited to the Spiderman 3 premieres.

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