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Monday, January 26, 2009

We're Four!

Lest you think we'd forgotten, The Dictionary of Unfortunate Ideas turned four a week ago. Instead of the usual celebratory bacchanailia (a group night of watching the Smokey and the Bandit series over half a six-pack of Guinness) we decided to let the Obama inaugural stand in for the party. We just taped DoUI signs strategically to the telly and pretended that Aretha Franklin and Denzel Washington were fans of the blog.

As for the actual politicians, we don't focus on partizan politics here, so let's just say that we think of them as future cast members for the blog sketches.

Just think, our blog is now in the pre-school phase of it's life. If you're hoping that means the jokes will get a bit more sophisticated and mature, ask yourselves how many four year olds you know who fit that bill?

By the time the blog is thirty, we'll be so old, we'll seem mature by comparison to the rest of society.

Actually, it's not taking that long at all...

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