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Monday, January 31, 2005

Where is MC Hammer when you need him?

I, as many Americans, (except maybe Ted Kennedy) applaud and rejoice with the Iraqi people over their historic step toward democracy yesterday. One cannot help but feel a sense that what they are experiencing is what our own founders experienced over two centuries ago. The exhilaration evident in the scenes coming out of the country yesterday leads me to two thoughts. First, excitement and even a misty eyed appreciation of what it takes to brave dangerous circumstances and vote, then to proudly display their ink-stained fingers. Secondly, Iraqis can’t dance. Now I certainly will give them a ten for enthusiasm but there is not a Baryshnikov or Nureyev among them. I would dare to say not even a Deney Terrio graced the streets of Baghdad yesterday.

Now one can understand during life under Saddam’s brutal regime they probably didn’t get to watch much "American Bandstand" or "Club M-TV" but one would hope a bootleg copy would have made it through. I’m sure Al-Jazeera and Iraqi TV were not replete with "Dance Fever" repeats and who would want to watch something like “Chemical Ali’s Dance Party”. But now as freedom spreads its wings in Iraq maybe Debbie Allen can show up from time to time to give them a lesson.


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