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Friday, January 28, 2005

Chico y Jose also on the way (not a poem)

C.Y.J. has e-mailed me to let us know that he has managed to free himself from his intergalactic bacon-fest long enough to join us here at DOUI (Pronounced "Do you I?"). It may take a few days though to wipe the bacon grease off of his Hawaiian shirt.

OK, I have no idea if he wears a Hawaiian shirts. I saw him in an Izod one time though, if that helps make the mental transition.

I apologize for the horribly administrative nature of this post. I will endeavor to make my next post far less relevant to the inner workings of this blog, and if that is impossible, I will at least put the administrative messages in verse.

Peace out! (See Stew, the lessons are really paying off!)


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