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Thursday, January 27, 2005

JCV loving the poetry

Sometimes we are so very being the inspired by events around us in life that we can not truly express how we are feel on the inside part of the us in mere writings of word like this. No, my neighbor and friends, sometimes we can only revert to the using of poem to let all of those emotion gush out of brain. I have something close on the order of half a million poems which were being wrote by me over the years in turbulent times and excitement times. Today I have a very unexpected exciting, so I have to put this experience down in the format of poem. Here then I present one of the most especial thing from me.

Why the seagulls crying?

by JCV

I pretty sure that man spitted in my sandwich today.
I order the corn beef on rye, but he spitted inside when he make it.
Why somebody doing such a thing, not know if I might stab him?
You spit in the person sandwich you don't know, he might stab.
He could be the crazy person come in order the sandwich.
Moral of story: don't spit in the sandwich unless you want stabbed.

This is the way of the world which I cannot understand,
why so many puppies don't even have love for them,
why so many sandwich got spitted inside of it,
why so many dolphins hit by boats and died,
why so many rain clouds never find their way home,
why the seagulls crying when nothing bad happen to them yet?
This is the way of the world which I cannot understand.

the end


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