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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Thanks for the shout-out dawg!!

I just received some of the first e-mail concerning our blogging foray. Joey S. of San Jose, CA. writes:

Yo’ boyz what’up!!! Been talkin to my peeps and they say ya’ll is the shizzle. Ya’ll be trippin’ with all the fly jokes you be crackin’. That stuff is krunk with a capital K, yo.
Peace out.

My first thought was, why you foul-mouthed little @#^@*#^ what kind of parents raised a rapscallion like you. You should have your mouth cleaned out with soap and be given some sort of software to improve your grammar. After a few moments I was able to calm down and forward this e-mail to a friend who informed me that this was actually a compliment. Apparently the little ragamuffin was using "modern" lingo to tell me of his, and his friends, enjoyment of our site. Can a man who uses the terms rapscallion and ragamuffin be forgiven for not understanding the modern tongue of our youth? I hope so. And to Joey the young moppet who has opened the eyes of this thirty-something, drop by the hizzle sometime and we can kick it bee'atch.


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