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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Keeping up with the new slang

Stew, you must work harder at keeping up with the various lingos the younger members (all right, member) of our audience are (is) using. While I confess to not quite getting it all myself sometimes (up until 6 months ago, I thought the use of the word "bling" heralded a resurgence in pinball), I've since worked hard to familiarize myself with the latest, hippest, fly-est slang.

I'm currently taking an online course from the University of Upper Philbin called, "You Got ta Dizzle Before Ya Can Bizzle". (I'm hoping we get to the part of the course that translates the title soon.) The course text is "Fly Lingo Electric Jingo Pants" by M.C. Lemony Fresh, whom I believe Zimpter is personally acquainted with. The text contains an assortment of simple phrases you can use in a very hip setting. For example:

"I messing some jizzle if sweetness itdn getja some air baby," is translated into normal English as "I need to go to the restroom or I'm going to soil myself"

"What's the rollerblade corn dog due, dude?" is "Can you direct me to the subway?"

"Finkle?" means, "What's your name and how did your parents come to give it to you?"

"Homey's crib got fly qwankle in cupboard motorized fardleshazz!" means that someone's home was hit by a Zeppelin at night.

"Tranya expecto patronum et Romanus?" is translated as, "I hear Clint Howard has been asked to play Remus Lupin in the next Harry Potter movie."

In addition to fabulous phrases such as these, there is a handy translation dictionary. some samples: (Slang - English)

Fizzle - Loose change
Smokin Off Uptown - Traveling by plane
Neuman - Unpleasant
Finkle - Libertarian
Shizzle - Impressive skateboard
Gazausowow - Shoestrings
Tokapoppy - Parrot
Cling-Cling - Deodorant
Mizzle - 10 Year I.R.A.
Stookiemamajezbazap - Jazzercize
Coopy - Three-piece chicken dinner
Phizzle - Regis


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