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Friday, January 28, 2005

The wisdom of a soused westerner

I'm recalling Lukas' most influential comment of the 80's now: "Advice to the kiddies: Watch a lot of television, so's ya get smart." Obviously he wasn't referrring specifically to the show with Don Adams as "Maxwell Smart, Agent 86".

The thing I remember most about Lukas, besides his penchant for Bourbon-laced iced tea (receipe: take a jigger of Bourbon and dip a tea bag in it for as long as it would take Dom Deluise to get thrown from a bronc, serve immediately and in one chug), is his immense hat. His hat is festooned with more medals, feathers, badges, bullets, hatbands, pigeons, and granola bars, than there are exclamations in a week's episodes of "Emeril! Live". It was a miracle it didn't sink into his head. On second thought there's a very real chance it has.

I nearly forgot his second favorite hobby, after inventing mixed drinks that are at least 95% alcohol...he enjoys cow-tipping with a humvee.


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