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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I'm sorry Juan...

I sort of hung you out there with my last post. I realized late yesterday that my suggestion of the inclusion of a heartless, cave-dwelling female blacksmith in the GAN was perhaps a little out of line. I don't want you to think that you have to involve her and upset the balance of the GAN or your direction in writing. If you do want to include her, I have given you a start which sort of ties everything together.

Standing in her dank cave Rita breathed deeply, the pungent air filling her nostrils seemed to reinvigorate her as she squeezed the bellows. The fire roared as she grabbed the tongs and removed the glowing metal from the forge, roughly placing it on the anvil. With heavy hammer strokes she formed the malleable iron as her diabolical mind raced with its sinister purpose. Rita plunged the finished piece into the water, gave out a shriek of delight, and then sat down to admire her handiwork. She reached behind the forge and produced a small box, delicately placed the railroad spike inside, and wrote a terse message in crayon: “To Chester: I hope this works well for you”. As Rita placed the parcel on her table, she wondered if anyone could ever love a callous female blacksmith.

I hope this helps, I did like the name Rita.


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