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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Good to hear from Stew...

...and not just because I held a lit Sterno to his head and demanded a post or I was going to fry him like Paris Hilton's brain.

(Brief interlude - Commercial:

A hand holds up an egg.

Announcer: This is your brain.

The hand cracks the egg and empties the contents into a hot frying pan, where they sizzle and pop.

Announcer: This is your brain on drugs.

The street containing the house containing the stove on which the frying pan containing the sizzling egg is completely vaporized by a thermonuclear warhead detonated by a massive earthquake. A mile-wide asteroid slams in the smoldering radioactive ruins. A small dog, highly frazzled from the multiple disasters, walks up to the exact point in the smoking wasteland where the frying pan once was and pees on it.

Announcer: This is Paris Hilton's brain on drugs...or sober. Who can tell?

This Ad sponsored by The Foundation for a Better Tomorrow and Hardees.)

So anyway, it was good to see Stew's post. Juan Carlos and Zimpter, I expect you to keep pace. Chico and Linus, where the hell are you lads?

Thank you for reading this.


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