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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Katrina...

We try to stay focused on being as ridiculous as possible here, but occasionally there are events in the world that make that impossible.

The devastation wrought in the United States, in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama is catastrophic and terrible to see. New Orleans, the favorite southern U.S. town of many a person, has been reduced to a flooded nightmare. Gangs of roving looters, some armed, are roaming the city (the selfish, stupid bastards), while others in New Orleans and elsewhere are trying to find the basics to survive: food, water, shelter.

The National Guard and the feds are moving in as fast as they can but for some it'll never be soon enough. The rest of us, as is so often with disasters like this, feel powerless to do anything.

We're not though. In addition to prayer, which is always of use, the following links are places where you can donate money to good organizations that are working to provide relief to the victims of Katrina:

We'll be back tomorrow with more silliness...because we can always use a laugh, especially during weeks like these.


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