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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Putting one foot in front of the other!

Since my obsession with Peter Graves (not a zombie by the way) is going along so well, I thought I would take the next step in my two phase obsession strategy. Since Earl has soccer/football/futbol/hand-crotch covered…well, like a defender covering his crotch while staring down David Beckham, I thought I would find a foot sport of my own. Most of the good ones seemed taken until I found a foot sport worthy of obsession. Yes, you guessed it, I found Footvolley.

What is Footvolley you ask? This is a question posed by many people, even those heavily involved in the sport themselves. Just imagine a soccer match played on a volleyball court with two teams using their feet and heads to launch a soccer type ball over the net. Grabbed your attention yet? I thought so. Footvolley is the number 53rd growing sport in all of the United States just edging out Dwarf Tossing in a recent poll.

Children and the mentally challenged around the country are getting into the sport like never before and it has spawned off-shoot interests like playercard collecting. Kids go absolutely giddy wondering if they will get a Sergio Menezes or a Daniel Rigo when they open their next pack.

Check out some action photos:

Footvolley can be played in abrasive volcanic ash.

The fans go wild over the colorful uniforms.

These gentlemen have just won the trophy for Most Upsetting Shorts.

Lounging with "wives" after a hard day of Footvolley.

This man has just dislocated every bone in his body.

So you can see that Footvolley is the sport of tomorrow and my new sports related obsession. Watch out Earl, Footvolley is taking over the world. Don't be left behind reliving past soccer glory for it will soon pass from this world like a big passing from this world thingy.

From the editor: We wish to correct a mistake made in the above post. In the caption for the fourth photo please insert the word "prostitutes" for "wives". Thank you.


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