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Friday, September 01, 2006

Peter Graves Obsession - A Question:


I very much appreciated your take on Graves' laconic, iconic, sophmoric approach to childhood (I hear he's a Lucky Strike man, but that's just a quibble), but I have to ask, where is the scene where Graves rises from his deathbed and devours Danny and Uncle Billy before having his brains blown to bits by a shotgun blast from Ms. Partridge... erm, Jones?

Mind you they'd have to use special effects. A real shotgun blast would kill even a powerful member of the undead such as the aptly named Mr. Graves.


Quick note: I (Earl) will be out of pocket this evening at a remote cabin in the woods somewhere. Provided I'm not savaged by a bear or the erstwhile cannibalistic necrotic Mr. Graves, I should be back posting tomorrow. If not, I'm sure Stew will compose a very tasteful, flattering, and completely fictional eulogy.

If I'm converted into a zombie myself, I'll try and warn everyone.


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