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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Nothing Says "Delicious" like Hitler...

...or so thought the owner of a Bombay bistro who named his new restaurant "Hitler's Cross." According to the Associated Press, proprietor Puneet Sablok stated that he chose the name and the swastika-based logo only to attract attention. Mission accomplished, I expect.

Once the Jewish community of Bombay explained how upsetting it was, he did decide he would change the name. "I don't want to do business by hurting people," said Sablok. No, stick to salmonella poisoning and a really obscene mark-up, like other restauranteurs.

Still, as vile a name as "Hitler's Cross" is, it behooves us as hip, with-it, visionary doofuses to keep up with the newest fads. So, if really dodgy and offensive names are in, in old Mumbai, here are my predictions for the next big eateries to hit the Maharashira region.

  • Himmler's Deli and Bagel Shop
  • Ayatollah Khomeni's Bacon Emporium
  • Pol Pot's Proletariat Pizza Parlour and Pub
  • Burger Castro
  • Kentucky Fried Osama
  • Gandhi's Prime Rib Palace
  • McStalin's
  • Dahmer's House of Cannabalism
  • Idi Amin's Crab Shack
  • Mao's Glorious Revolutionary Steak and Ale
  • Trump in the Box


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