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Friday, August 25, 2006

Semi-Random Thoughts for the End of the Week

  • Still no responses on the Pluto motion at all. No vote from noted science commentator Mr. Derbyshire, no vote from our 3 most loyal fans, and not a peep from Nuffy or Stew. Jorge and Zimpter I understand, as they never post anymore and don't even return my mail or have the decency to cancel the restraning orders. However, I would think that Stew and Nuffy would have some opinion on the most monumental astronomical decision since Lowell originally decided not to call Pluto "Myanus," which would have instantly doubled the number of astronomy jokes. Stew did write an article on the subject, and Nuffy...well, he is a bit spacey. Still, if no one else votes, my vote will carry the day!
  • The International Astronomers Union resolution says that Pluto is now a "dwarf planet." I imagine Nuffy is even now taking notice and preparing a 12 post barrage about Pluto and how the planet (Take that IAU!) should be renamed to "Northover." As for Pluto, word is that the celestial body would prefer to be called a "little planet" instead of a "dwarf."
  • My favourite turducken receipe: Take one pequin pepper, stuff inside a Naga Dorset pepper, stuff that inside a cayenne pepper, stuff that inside a habanero pepper, stuff that inside a serrano pepper, stuff that inside a jalapeno pepper, stuff that inside an Anaheim pepper, add a generous dollop of kosher salt, a teaspoon of cheddar, coat with spicy breadcrumbs, deep fry, and enjoy. Keep a tissue and a defibrilator on hand, just in case.
  • They've moved a great big statue of Ramses in Egypt so that it's closer to the pyramids. One of the people involved said (from the CNN article): "I think that today if Ramses could talk, he would say 'Thank you for moving me."' No he wouldn't. He'd say, "You got the nose wrong, you stupid gits!" He looks like Regis Philbin, who is most definitely not Egyptian.
  • Arsenal plays Man City this week. Should be three points. Just saying.
  • The new Yahoo! homepage is a disaster (No link, because I hate it). The Honda Element is more streamlined than this ugly thing. As someone with an art degree specialising in Graphic Design, I can testify that it is a big, blocky, chunky, sloppy, crapfest of a web site. There was at least a link to the old version of the page, but Yahoo! has since removed it, I suspect because it was making a deep dent in the new page hit count. Of course Yahoo! will not switch back. That would require humility, fortitude, foresight, and a bloody sense of taste. It's difficult to expect any of that from a company whose product name includes an exclamation point. Google, say hello to more hits.
  • The only food you can't turducken? Soup.


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