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Friday, November 24, 2006

Blast!!! (and more on the versatile turducken!)

Stew is the clearly the bright one here, as he was smart enough to space his Thanksgiving Day thankfulness...es... erm... whatever they are. I shall have to go back and fix my post now, as it currently looks like one of Maya Angelou's zanier poems.

We hope that each and everyone of you celebrating Thanksgiving in the States got enough turkey, except for those of you who are vegans of course, and stuffed yourselves silly with smoked extra-firm tofu.

Which reminds me, what would a vegetarian turducken be like? Watermelon stuffed with casaba melon, stuffed with cantaloupe, stuffed with pitted avacados, stuffed with tofu, stuffed with cut corn? Whatever it is, it sounds appalling, unless of course you deep fried the whole lot, rolled in breadcrumbs, into vegetable oil of course.

Of course there's only one real problem with the idea of the "turducken" and that's that few people really want to eat a dish whose name starts with "turd."

Update: It's fixed. Now, you should be able to make heads or tails out of it.


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