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Friday, December 01, 2006

DOUI Mailbag!!!

Yes, we do get mail!

Bethany in Minneapolis writes regarding my recently completed novel:

"Congratulations from a new reader - I loved it! J It kept me checking your site several times a day, and I’m really sad that it’s finished now. I will always picture you and your cohorts they way you described them in the novel.

God bless!"

God bless you too, Bethany! Even though the novel is finished, be sure to check in for our regular posting, or as the critics like to call it, "their regular posting crap."

Just think, the next time Bethany encounters someone in traditional Nepalese dress, her first temptation will be to call them "Nuffy."

I only hope for Bethany's sake that "Nuffy" doesn't mean something really foul in Nepalese.

Surely, F. Johnny Lee would have looked into that in-between memos asking me to avoid making Oprah a villian in the novel (How could Oprah be a villian...plus, her legal team is dynamite).

Much thanks to Bethany and all of you who faithfully read through my novelling ordeal (including Stew, who offered excellent feedback, such as "Make Stew taller" and "Stew should know kung fu")

Also, please remember to vote for The Dictionary of Unfortunate Ideas for Best Humor Blog in the 2006 Weblog Awards (provided the amazingly perceptive and physically beautiful judges there nominate us, of course...as if they wouldn't).


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