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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Osama bin Lennon?

One of Osama bin Laden's son's wants to be a peace activist.

I suppose next, Justin Timberlake will declare an abiding desire to write Classical Art Music, and Britney Spears will resolve to become a Carmelite Nun. Maybe I'll even take up blogging maths.

It doesn't help that Omar bin Laden's path to peace activism is a bit dodgy:

1. Lived with Osama bin Laden in Sudan until 1996, whilst the Al-Qaida leader plotted terror.
2. Lived with Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan until 2000, whilst the Al-Qaida leader plotted terror.
3. Trained at an Al-Qaida terror camp whilst living in Afghanistan
4. Married a saucy 52-year old British woman who now calls herself "Yoko."

Well, I suppose he's getting somewhere with number four.

Actually, that one was a bit off. The former Jane Felix-Browne now calls herself "Zaina Alsabah," which is Arabic for "Looks like Yoko Ono," strangely enough.

The AP article notes that Omar doesn't criticize his father. This is quite a shame because offering a bit of criticism towards a death-sowing, murderous, head-lopping blaggard like the elder bin Laden would be a relatively simple start on the road to peacenik-dom. One pithily-worded press release about the old man's bombing and decapitation fetish and Bob's your uncle - instant peace activist credibility.

Of course, saying something like that might also result in Omar and Yoko getting blown up like a holiday cracker. The elder bin Laden's not exactly known for his tolerance and sense of humour about these things. He's really not known for his tolerance and sense of humour about anything. Osama's idea of a punch line is an actual punch to the face... with an axe.

Anyway, bin Laden's hot for peace progeny has got a smashing idea for calling attention to peace: A 3,000 mile horse race across Africa.

Sort of like John Lennon dressing up in fatigues, I suppose. Well, at least the proceeds would go to charity. Hopefully, no one gets trampled in the process.

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