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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Model Mayhem

There was mayhem Saturday (thus the title of this post) at the casting call for the latest series of America's Next Top Model when an overheating car prompted fears of a bomb.

This outcome reminds us of two enduring truths:

1. Models don't know a thing about cars.*

2. Models aren't particulalry bright.

If you're watching the programme this year and wondering why so many of the contestants have footprint-shaped scars on different parts of their bodies, now you know why. The puncture wounds are from the stilettos.

In related news, the programme has changed the format at bit to keep up with the times. Instead of one-at-a-time walkoffs, the models will all compete simultaneously on stage in a "mob-off."

*I sympathize, but I can still change the air filter on mine.

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