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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Costumes on a Budget!

Photograph - copyright Toby Ord, 2003
As everyone knows, the economy is still tough and many people are out of work. So, how are you going to dress up and celebrate Halloween when your budget is tighter than Shakira's outfits? Here are a few suggestions for quick and low cost alternatives to the commercial, expensive costumes found in those creepy Halloween Express stores.

  • Trampy French Maid - Black dress (shrunken in dryer), cheap dust apron, dirty feather duster, full tube of lipstick
  • Crazy Doctor - allergy face mask, novelty arrow-through-the-head
  • Vampire from Twilight - Plastic fangs, preppy shirt, large bottle of glitter
  • Avatar Na'vi - Leftover Blue Man Group costume and makeup from Halloween in 2003, kitchentowel loincloth
  • Snooki from Jersey Shore - XXL Hair extensions, half a fifth of Tequila.
  • Charlie Sheen - Whole fifth of bargain tequila, magnum of bargain champagne, case of beer, spin around in a circle for 90 minutes (listed here for demonstration purposes - not actually recommended)
  • Human Rice Krispies Treat - One box of Rice Krispies. One bottle of Elmer's Glue
  • Brett Favre - One pair of Crocs, One battered Minnesota Vikings helmet.
  • Paranormal Activity Character - Pajamas, disheveled hair, case of the jitters
  • Hogwarts Student - Stylishly worn jeans, knobby stick (wand), passable English accent
  • Republican Candidate - Old suit, solid red tie
  • Democratic Candidate - Old suit, solid blue tie
  • Green Party Candidate - Old suit, tye dyed tie
  • Dancing With the Stars Contestant - Last year's costume, MP3 player, excessive makeup
  • Werewolf - Torn t-shirt, three-day beard (three-week leg stubble for women), fleas
  • Zombie - Torn t-shirt, lack of sleep, raw liver

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