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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh, The Mysteries of Art!

Three patrons are standing with an artist at his new show. They are looking at a picture of the artist's newest work, a white canvas with a single black lin painted down the middle of it.

First Patron: I'm intrigued by the message of your latest piece. I'm guessing it's a representation of all the artificial dichotomies between members of the human race.

Artist: Nope.

Second Patron: I suspected as much. It's clearly portrait of solitude in the psychological wilderness of reality.

Artist: Nope.

Third Patron: Hmmm. It strikes me as an image of desolation and man's resilience in the face of the total catastrophe of civilization.

Artist: Nope.

A schoolgirl walks by. She looks at the painting for five seconds, then tugs the artist on the shirt.

Schoolgirl: Is that a symbolic representation of the way in which pretentious abstract art confounds self-important psuedo intellectuals who feign understanding when faced with ambiguity?

Artist: That's the one.

Patrons: (simultaneously) Knew it all the time.



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