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Friday, January 21, 2005

18,000,000 Dollars a year??? American Money?

I just wanted to see that number with all the zeroes next to it. Really big that.

Why do I get the disturbing feeling that Roger Clemens will be in a wheelchair, in his nineties, with his forearms curled up with paralytic arthritis, and some baseball executive will be standing at his door, in the only poorly fitting Armani suit in existence, with a check for seven figures and a well oiled team cap.

I am not a baseball fan by any means, though I respect the sport, as I do all sport except for dressage and bumper pool. So the idea of a baseball pitcher recieving more money than the leader of an industrialized nation (OK...Chirac probably tops that under the table...but this is only a strong suspicion held by myself and 50 million French), seems to me the equivalent of paying Adam Sandler truckloads of gold boullion for being nice enough to show up at the catering truck during the shoot of someone else's film.

I realize that in my lifetime the only way I will ever see that much money is if I hit the Powerball, the National Lottery, and someone starts mistakenly sending Jerry Seinfeld's syndication royalties to my address, simultaneously. My one other shot is if Dan Radcliffe finally gives up the Harry Potter role and Warner Brothers calls. That was not a subtle attempt to draw audience from the Harry Potter crowd. That was an obvious attempt. (Mr. and Mrs. Google, do your stuff!)


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