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Monday, January 31, 2005

Going Blue!

No, it's not what you think it is, although I'm sure many of you are wringing your hands in disappointment that this post contains no nudity or explicit references whatsoever, not even Lindsey Lohan's bust, which seems to everywhere else but this blog. This isn't that kind of site, (unless you count the link in Stew's post to a Deney Terrio website, which is simply obscene).

No, I'm referring to the photos of Iraqi citizens holding up their blue ink-stained fingers in celebration of the election on Sunday. Regardless of your politics (which is not the purpose of this blog - all are welcomed here, except for Nazis, Osama Bin Losin's group and all other totalitarian posterior sphincters of the world), the sight of previously oppressed people celebrating the idea of voting in a free election, whether or not you think it was legitimate, is inspiring. People all over the world are staining their index finger blue as a non-partisan show of solidarity with the people of Iraq.

All right, a long setup, I admit, but as full of joy as I am for Iraqis, these fellows have taken the concept just a bit too far.


Update: I've just been informed that these blokes have been blue for quite a long time now. It must be some sort of skin condition. Either that or they've known about that Deney Terrio site much longer than Stew and I have.


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