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Thursday, February 24, 2005

'ere mate, 'ave a look at our bloomin' site

For some of you in the London area, tired of the formality of our prose, I have discovered a site for you. (Warning, there is a bit of unfortunate language.) The actual application at work here can also be tuned to the following "dialects":

Here's the song lyrics I posted last night in "Cockney" (and yes I know "Bobbies" [or "Bobbys"] is way out of vogue with some, so please don't write, both of you.):

Rita (Sung ter "Roxanne" by the bloomin'

Yer don't 'ave ter hammer the ***ffin' rail spike
Them ways are over
Yer don't 'ave ter sweat in yor cave all night

Yer don't 'ave ter wear that apron tight
Work that steel for brass
Yer don't care if it's armor for a knight

Yer don't 'ave ter work by the firelight

I luvd yer since I met yer
I came by ter order 'orseshoes
I 'ave ter say fough yor an 'eartless schlemiel
I won't share yer wiv anuvver goy
I know yor smifink's Charo
(Is yor last name Moreno?)
And fough yor eyebrows will grow hammer and tack again
It's a bad way

Yer don't 'ave ter hammer the rail spike
Yer don't 'ave ter hammer the bloody rail spike

A few of the selections might offend some (Redneck, Jive, Moron). Honestly though, my favorite rendition of our site was this one, you scwewy wabbit!


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