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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Let us put an end to fowl humor!!

Earl you’ve hit it in a nutshell, well maybe more than a few nutshells. Fowl humor is destroying the basic fabric of our society. Strange talking toucans, budgies, boobies (not talking about Lohan here), finches, and spoonbills attempting to pass themselves off as funny. Of course I was always a fan of Foghorn Leghorn because he could really turn a sentence with his wit and pluck…sorry bad word there. However, your average fowl is good for maybe a laugh or two at best and that is only when he has a bell or can say something like “here’s a pretty boy” in the voice of Gilbert Gottfried.

If you want funny in my opinion buy a whippet. There is humor at its best, watching him chase his tail and go at it with his reflection in a mirror. That’s comedy my friend. So as far as I am concerned, up with canine humor and down with fowl humor. Although I’m sure there are guaranteed to be some loons at the Super Bowl, mercifully one of them won’t be Janet Jackson.


Update - Whippets do funny well, they don't necessarily do poetry well. I think this guy is spending too much time with the whippet. That doesn't sound good, does it?


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