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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

We have been linked...

...by "the Infamous Doctor Dung".

I can see why he'd be infamous, with a last name like Dung. Stew suggested it could just be that he's Vietnamese, but I think that's usually spelled Doung. Of course it's a little known fact that the name "Fando" in Vietnamese means "stool", so I completely understand why some people would not find that funny.

One wonders how he obtained his name. Is it a real name, one the family came over with and decided, "What the blazes...we're not changing it to Smith or Jones or Schwartzenegger. We're Dungs, and we're proud of it!"

Maybe it's an athletic nickname from grade school or college, like the Doctors of Dunk from Louisville in the early eighties. Maybe he's the "Doctor of Dung"! I have no idea what sport that would be though. My best guess would be harness racing.

Of course if he were a Doctor of Dung, one's mind would be filled with all sorts of unpalatable images of the residency. What kind of rounds would those be? "How are you today, Mrs. Johnson...let's just have a look at your bedpan."

Maybe he's a vet? Or maybe he's an academic doctor...you know the old joke:

Dean: Martin, I'd like you to meet Dr. Lewis.
Martin: Hey doc, would you take a look at my elbow? It's been hurting something awful.
Dr. Lewis: I'm not that kind of Doctor. I'm a Doctor of English.
Martin: Well would you look at some sonnets of mine? I think I've got a trochee stuck in my iambic pentameter.

I said it was an old joke.


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