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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

At last...Zimpter!

Well, I must say it's about time our voice of Hollywood, via Encino, has arrived to blog freely away about the very private lives of the celebrities we know and love and in some rare cases, stalk. (I'm referring to those of you out there who are completely deranged, not to actual members of the blog. If we were stalking a celebrity, we'd write about it here. That is what blogs are for.)

So we're looking for some interesting observations from Zimpter, and maybe we can somehow get him press credentials for Oscar live-blog II next year. Wouldn't be great to get real-time blogging from the red carpet with lines like the following:

"Hillary Swank just walked by. I told her she smelled really nice for someone with the last name Swank."

"Sean Penn was here a second ago. He trod on my foot, so I started humming "Live to Tell". Ben Affleck finally pulled him off of me." (Actually, Zimpter would kick Penn's scrawny white bum into the Kodak Theater and out if it came to blows.)

"Jack "Boom Boom" Valenti just referred to me as 'Tony'. I have no idea why."

"Beyonce's coming up the red carpet now. Let me see if I can get her to stop her sedan chair for a moment to chat."

So welcome to our little dictionary Zimpter. One more thing...Take the challenge!


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