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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Challenge taken!

Sorry this was a rush job due to my being busy this morning, what with having to try to watch The View and an Oprah re-run at the same time on my TIVO. Here she goes...

1. The most ridiculous thing you have ever uttered in front of a woman?
Stew's response: “Picture this, you, me, a bubble bath, and a bottle of champagne.” Problem was I was at IHOP trying to order a Rootie Tootie Fresh n’ Fruity and it came out wrong. Talk about being embarrassed.

2. The international dictator you most resemble?
Stew's response: I would have to say Kim Jung Il, only a couple of feet taller, no pompadour, and I’ve killed a few million less people. A close second would have to be Martha Stewart.

3. The most unfortunate name for a pope?
Stew's response: After Pope Hilarius was Pope Simplicius. An even more unfortunate name would be Pope Syphilis I.

4. Your favourite flavour of ice cream and why?
Stew's response: Tax Crunch by Baskin Robbins. It has a double meaning and it goes well with bacon.

5. Most annoying sport and why?

6. The most frightening scene in a movie?
Stew's response: I think this speaks for itself. Kids, don’t do drugs, they’ll kill ya.

7. Your favourite movie or TV animal and why?
Stew's response: Well besides the Mansquito, I would have to give this one to Wile E. Coyote because he is a doer and not a talker. Sure, he may get knocked down a few times, a few ACME rockets might explode in his face, and he might have a train run over him coming from a tunnel he painted on a sheer rock face… but he gets back up and does it all over again.

8. The most embarrassing line from a 1960's American situation comedy theme song?
Stew's response: “…with Gilligan, the Skipper too, the millionaire and his wife, the movie star, AND THE REST are here on Gilligan’s Island” from the first season of Gilligan’s Island 1964 -1967. There are only seven people stranded on a deserted island far out in the Pacific and two of you are “the rest”. I’m surprised they didn’t get swept away by a tsunami in the first episode.

9. The most ridiculous plot twist in a film, ever?
Stew's response: To me the worst plot twist was when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor in the movie of the same title. I mean come on; we all know it was the Belgians.

10. If you were an alien, where would you be from?
Stew's response: Oxycontin. Now there’s a planet where you can mellow out.


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