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Monday, May 30, 2005

Andromeda much bigger than previously thought!

Scientists have discovered that the galaxy of Andromeda is as much as 3 times bigger than what they previously thought. An official press release from the American Astronomical Society stated that scientists are now absolutely certain that the galaxy is "between the size of 220,000 light years and a really large breadbox."

When asked what caused the error, an unnamed source reported that "someone forgot to carry a two in calculations 25 years ago and we've only just now spotted the error."

Scientists state that this has set back their plans for a sightseeing tour of that galaxy. "It was going to take around 80,000 years, based on our original calculations, but this has set us back another 160,000 years." stated an unnamed astronomer at an observatory in California. "Even with the whole theory of relativity things slowing down time, that still leaves most of us dead before we've gotten on the interstate, so to speak."


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