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Friday, January 20, 2006

June Carter, could you pass me that whoopee cushion?

Being a person that would rather have my nails ripped off with a pair of pliers than watch any awards show except the Oscars, I missed the Golden Globes with much relief. However, being the entertainment hound I am, I did read the list of nominees and winners along with Earl's fine review of the show. The film that stuck out to me was Walk the Line, the biopic of the life and apparently wacky times of John R. Cash or Johnny as we all know him. When I saw that the film had won in the Comedy category at the Globes I was immediately surprised, not thinking that "The Man in Black" was the jovial sort. While I was sure he may have had his moments, a man who only wears black wouldn't seem to exude comedy.

Not having seen the picture myself I decided to call up an old friend at the studio to see if I could get a screener DVD. He was able to procure a disc but it turned out to be outtakes from the picture that didn't make the final cut. I think we do get a glimpse at the man's humorous side in some of these scenes.

Walk the Line - deleted scenes

Scene 1

Slow tracking shots through Folsom Prison. We see empty cells and courtyards and as we move through the prison walls we can hear the laughter of inmates.

Cash: III'mmm Johnny Cash, now excuse me while I blow these balloons up into funny shapes.

Inmate: Can ya make me a key Johnny? (laughter)

Cash: I wish I could son. I wish I could.

Cash: But here's a little poodle instead.

Scene 14

Cash: IIII'mmmm thinking of dropping the watermelon smashing from the act. I just don't think people appreciate it.

June Carter: Johnny, you can't do it. It's your big finale, who does it better than you?

Cash: There's a young guy in California that they say is a natural.

June Carter: Do it for me Johnny.

Cash: (deep thought pause) I could never refuse you June. Get me that sledgehammer.

Scene 15

Cash: (to prison inmates) You boys hungry for some watermelon?

Inmate: Ah, not that old gag Johnny. This guy named Gallagher did that one the other day. He calls it the Sledge-a-matic.

Cash: Did he do it while singing Ring of Fire?

Inmates cheer as the first chords of Ring of Fire resonate through the prisons halls.

Scene 21

Cash: Have ya heard the one about Ghandi, the devil, Calvin Coolidge, and the prison warden?

Inmate: Yeah, Johnny. Ya told that one the last time you were here.

Cash: Welllll, what's the difference between prison and work?

Inmate: We work in prison.

Cash: In prison you spend most of your time looking through the bars wanting to get out and at work you want to get out so you can go inside the bars.


Cash: IIII'mmm Johnny Cash.

(Cheers and uproarious applause)

Cash: (to June Carter) Maybe comedy ain't my bag.

Certainly some funny stuff from Johnny there and I'm sure the movie is filled with even more humor if these scenes were left on the cutting room floor.

Update: I just learned the category was Best Film: Musical or Comedy. I think that might explain Johnny's switch to an all music act in his later years.


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