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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A time to reflect...and be silly

We are now safely passed the 666th post and I have come out of seclusion. I haven't told many people but I have a horrible fear of satanic numbers, Regis Philbin, lamb kebabs, and Mexican soap operas. As we struggle to get things going in the new year I have found myself reminiscing about the past and wondering if we made the right decisions in regards to our blog. For instance did we do the right thing when we joked with Chico y Jose that the blogs headquarters were in Antarctica? He hasn't been seen or heard from since except for a rambling letter he mailed to me from Santiago, Chile on July 15th talking about "fearing the worm". We all should probably learn a lesson from that, I know that I have.

Looking back over the past year the one thing that has stuck out like a sore thumb is the title of the blog. While it's a great name I thought maybe we could come up with something more timely, to shake it up and give it some spunk. This is a list of the top names that come to mind.

  • Couch Jumping, with Special Guest Tom Cruise
  • The Non-Gay Version of Brokeback Mountain
  • Lukas P. Short's, Short Shorts, Short Subject
  • El CarnicerĂ­a de Juan Carlos Vega
  • The Mansquito Fan Club
  • Elvinova Has Left the Building
  • The Donald, The Blog, The Scandal
  • Richard Gere's Dance Studio
  • The Onion...No, Not THAT One
  • Peter Jackson Presents: Blog, the Motion Picture
  • The Homespun Leathern Satchel
  • Warwick, Warwick, Warwick, Warwick, & Devito (sorry that's our old law firm)
  • Harry Potter, The Story of a Middle-aged Name Dropper

Well there you are folks. If you want to send me any others I'll be glad to consider them.


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