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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Nuffy's Challenge

Well, I see Nuffy took a good shot at my questions, but apparently he's completely ingested Roget's Thesaurus instead of Wikipedia. I could tell immediately because all the words were spelled correctly.

Just for those of you who were stumped, the correct answers to the quiz on Wednesday were:

  1. 7, except on Tuesdays when Fred is out on a biscuit run.
  2. This was a trick question. The tattoo is of former Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences President Karl Malden (1989-1992), who has never been President of the MPAA, but was Jack "Boom Boom" Valenti's towel boy in the sixties.
  3. A Macaroni penguin
  4. Bazooka
  5. Paul Hogan
  6. None. Woodchucks can not chuck backwards, ever.
  7. This, or Andy Rooney with a beard, only cuter
  8. 200 hours, Geraldo
  9. -47
  10. The reticulate python
  11. Chuck Norris, 74, 12,000
  12. His gee-whilickers

Bonus Answer: Manfred


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