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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Mock me if you must, but i have been in the how you say mourning period now for many a month and year. I am doing the how you going to say much crying and sad sob sorrows with the wipe of the cheeks and the mucus drip out from the nostrils of the nose. I will ever forever and more miss my dearest favorite person in all the world, Mr. Mark Northover. I will never recover, get over it, or be happy again. I must only cry forever. Yes. Remember him. Earl Fando, you have done a tragic little amount of mourning over this person! For many months now, you post the sarcasm and Paris Hilton joke, but you do not do the crying of water from the eyes of you as you remember our superstar of stage, screen, novel and hallway. I put this graphics on the blog to remind you forever. You must not forget him! If anyone forget him, I will put the sharp stick in the tail pipe of the person who did not remember him. I am saddest of all Jorge Carlito Viejos. Nothing can comfort me now, least of all a sandwich full of lard, butter, frijoles and carne de mono, which is usually my favorite sandwich.



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